.17 Blood Alcohol Content with and Accident DUI DISMISSED!!!

Client was driving, without a license, with a .17 blood alcohol content, in Riverside County, and hit a fence. Client was arrested and charged with driving without a license (as a misdemeanor), and DUI. The DUI was dismissed and the driving without a license charge was reduced to an infraction. Client ended up just paying a small fine for driving without a license!


Client, pulled over for expired tags, tells officer that there is a toy bb gun in his glove compartment. The officer takes the passenger out of the car and searches him. The officer then takes the driver out of the car and searches him. The officers then conduct a non-consensual search of the car, during which they find brass knuckles and a switch knife. Client, an up and coming firefighter, is then arrested for a felony, and thrown in jail. Through thorough investigative work, we were able to show the DA that the knuckles/knife were not clients, and this case was not worth ruining this young mans career. The DA ultimately agreed and dismissed all charges!!!

Refusal DUI with an Accident CLIENT PLED TO DRY RECKLESS!!!

Client was driving home from a friend’s house, and had a minor solo vehicle accident. Client immediately pulled over and asked a security guard to call a cab. He called the police instead! Client was arrested for DUI. Client pled to a dry reckless!!! (San Diego County)

.14 DUI with an Accident CLIENT PLED TO WET RECKLESS!!! (San Diego County)

.10 Blood Alcohol Content DUI CLIENT PLED TO WET RECKLESS!!!

Client was driving home on the 78 east, after having a drink with some friends at a bar. Coming off the freeway, she entered into the shoulder of the right turn lane illegally, was pulled over, and later arrested for driving under the influence. Her blood alcohol content was .10. I was able to show, by bringing in a google map, that although she was a .10, she did not display bad driving to constitute being “under the influence.” The district attorney agreed and client was able to plea to a wet reckless, saving her criminal record, not to mention lots of money! (San Diego County)

.12 Blood Alcohol Content Client Pled TO WET RECKLESS!!!

Client was pulled over for speeding on the 5 freeway north, heading to Orange County. After the usual drill, client was arrested for DUI. Through the use of the MVARS (Mobile Video Audio Recording/s), I was able to show that defendant’s driving, although he was speeding, did not rise to the level of being “under the influence.” Client pled to a wet reckless!!! (San Diego County)

Felony DUI with Injury Case reduced to a misdemeanor!!! (San Diego County)

Driving Without a License:

Client charged, in two separate misdemeanor cases, with driving without a valid license. (Los Angeles County) BOTH CASES DISMISSED!!!


Client arrested and charged with misdemeanor possession of methamphetamine, and paraphernalia (San Diego County) CASE DISMISSED!!!

Client (a convicted felon), was charged with felony possession of marijuana for sale, felony forgery, felony receiving stolen property, felon in possession of a firearm, and felony possession of a controlled substance. Client pled to felon in possession of a firearm, ALL OTHER FELONY CHARGES DISMISSED!!! (San Diego County)

Client charged with felony possession of marijuana for sale, felony forgery, and felony possession of a control substance. Client pled to a misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance for P.C. 1000, ALL OTHER FELONY CHARGES DISMISSED!!! (San Diego County)


Client was riding his motorcycle on the freeway in San Diego County. The police attempt to pull him over for speeding. The clients throttle gets stuck on his motorcycle, and client is unable to pull over, and with ever increasing speed, gets in a nasty accident. The police however, do not believe client and arrest him for felony evading. CASE DISMISSED!!! Client pled to a speeding ticket for traffic school!!!

Hit and Run:


Client (who was an illegal alien), was driving without a license, and hit a motorcyclist causing the motorcyclist to fall off his motorcycle, which caused bodily injuries. Motorcyclist left the scene in an ambulance. Client became afraid due to his immigration status and fled the scene in his car, causing witnesses to give chase. Client ultimately jumped out of his car, and fled into a field where he stayed hidden until police dogs found him. Client was charged with felony hit and run. Client pled to a misdemeanor hit and run, and was allowed to stay in the country. (San Diego County)

Indecent Exposure:


Client was allegedly performing an act which is only illegal because he was in his car (a raised truck, with heavily tinted windows). Client is a professional business man who is a very courteous, nice, and all around upstanding citizen. He is also a human being who just made a mistake. Someone saw client and reported him to the police. Client was charged with a P.C. 314, indecent exposure, which would require a 290 sex offender registration if client were found guilty. I was able to show the district attorney that the case was over charged, and the client did not deserve to have that 290 registration for his entire life. After much back and forth, the DA agreed and client pled to P.C. 415, disturbing the peace!!!

Minor in Possession of Alcohol:

Client, a high school student, was walking across a street with some friends, on her way to a house party in Del Mar. Her “friend” noticed a police officer was watching them, and quickly handed client a bottle of vodka. Client, who did not see the officer, accepted the bottle. The officer gave client a misdemeanor citation for being a minor in possession of alcohol, thereby threatening clients chances of getting into college. CASE DISMISSED!!!

Resisting Arrest:

Client was arrested for P.C. 148, resisting, obstructing, and/or delaying a peace officer during the performance of his/her duties (Riverside County) P.C. 148 DISMISSED!!! CLIENT PLED TO INFRACTION!!!


Client was arrested for shoplifting or, P.C. 484 and/or 488 (San Diego County) CASE DISMISSED!!!

Different client, also arrested for shoplifting under P.C. 484 and/or 488 (San Diego County) CASE DISMISSED!!!

Traffic Tickets:

  • Texting while driving in downtown San Diego DISMISSED!!!
  • Speeding ticket in Barstow while on the way to Vegas DISMISSED!!!
  • Speeding ticket in downtown San Diego DISMISSED!!!
  • Speeding ticket in San Elijo Hills DISMISSED!!!
  • Running a red light photo ticket Vista DISMISSED!!!


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