Theft Crimes

The crime of theft is a rather broad one. It’s stealing. It’s taking property from another person without their permission. There are various ways in which a person can steal, and each way is its own specific crime. Just so there is no confusion, be aware that ‘larceny’ and ‘theft,’ for purposes of the California Penal Code, are the exact same thing. The term ‘theft’ is the more modern and common term used today. Read more below to find out about the differences in California Theft Laws.

Theft is broken down into two categories: grand theft and petty theft. Theft is considered grand theft if the value of the property or services that were wrongly taken is more than $950. There are some cases, such as some farm produce and shellfish, where it is considered grand theft if the value of those products is over $100. Any theft for property or services valued at or under $950 is considered petty theft. Petty theft with a prior theft conviction is a felony and could result in severe punishment.

Grand theft of a firearm carries with it a possible punishment of up to three years in state prison. Grand theft of anything other than a firearm carries up to a one year sentence in county jail or state prison. Grand theft auto is yet another type of theft that involves some technicalities, and certainly it requires the assistance of an expert criminal defense attorney.

A theft crime conviction in California may lead to probation, fines, and a prison sentence, depending upon the value of property taken. A theft crime also will stay on your criminal record, adversely affecting your ability to find a good job or to obtain certain loans.