Have you been accused of robbery? Are you currently under investigation for this offense? Robbery is a serious crime that is a felony in California. It may be classified as both a violent crime and theft crime because it involves taking another person's property by force, threats or violence. The typical sentence for a robbery conviction is 5 years in prison, but increased penalties may be imposed if a deadly weapon was used or if someone was injured or killed in the commission of the crime.

Working with a defense attorney is one of the most important things a defendant can do in the face of robbery charges. Because robbery is a violent felony offense, it may count as a " strike" on the defendant's record. What does this mean for a defendant? When you have a strike on your record, this means that a second conviction for a serious or violent felony crime will result in double the penalties. A third conviction for any felony offense will result in 25 years to life in prison. This is one of many reasons it is so important to involve a lawyer who can challenge your San Diego robbery charges and work to avoid a conviction.

There are several key factors that will be involved in a criminal case involving robbery. To secure a conviction against the defendant, the prosecution must prove:

  • The defendant willfully took another's property, from their immediate possession or presence;
  • The property was taken against the victim's will;
  • The defendant used force, threats or fear to take the property; and
  • The defendant took the property with the intention of permanently depriving the owner of its use.

All of these elements must be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. By aggressively challenging every single aspect of your case, your lawyer can work to find any weakness in the prosecution's case against you.