San Diego DUI Arrests and Convictions

Many good people are at times faced with a DUI arrest. Unfortunately, most assume they have no choice but to plead guilty in court. However, a DUI guilty plea is almost always a misstep. At the Law Offices of Joan Stephens, we understand San Diego County DUI and DWI laws. As a DA, Ms. Stephens handled hundreds of DUI’s and took many to trial. Ms. Stephens knows exactly what the DA is looking for when assessing a DUI case's value. She can now put that knowledge to work for you. Allow us to create a DUI defense strategy that is unique to your specific case.

In California, a first, second, or third DUI offense differs in terms of penalties. If you were involved in an drunk driving accident or caused DUI related injuries, you may be subject to different law and penalties depending on the facts of your legal court case. For those reasons, you need a good criminal defense lawyer in court.

Consider the following:

  • Some charges are made based on the arresting officer's interpretation of the driver's motor vehicle skills, not a field sobriety test or blood alcohol content (BAC).
  • A DUI stop needs to be made with probable cause. Lacking that, sobriety or blood alcohol content tests may be ruled invalid in court proceedings.
  • A DUI arrest might be made on mere interpretations of "facts" as many situations with DUI charges are subjective.
  • First-time drunk driving offense cases can result in acquittal, probation, fines, license, suspension, or jail time - a broad range that can have a small or significant impact on one's livelihood,and clear reason why a DUI law firm in Southern California is essential for protecting your rights.
  • A second or third drunk driving offense (within ten years of a previous offense) can carry harsher jail sentences.

Because of these variables, it is highly advisable to work with attorneys who understand the laws, penalties, the courts, and your individual legal circumstances. The impact of a judge or jury decision can affect the driver for life and can turn his or her life upside down. A smart DUI defense strategy may prevent this from happening.

At the Law Office of Joan Stephens in San Diego, we have the expertise needed to defend your rights. Because of the long-term impact a DUI may have not only on your driving privileges, but also on your life, it is important for anyone facing DUI charges to engage a criminal defense lawyer.

Even when a drunk driving conviction is unavoidable, we may be able to help minimize your legal penalties. The Law Office of Joan Stephens is available for a free, no obligation legal consultation.

California DUI / DWI arrests occur unexpectedly, and the driver is rarely prepared for the complex court proceedings that follow. However, drunk driving arrests require fast action. The most pressing issues are typically finding an experienced California DUI / DWI lawyer, locating someone in custody, finding a reputable San Diego bail bond firm, and requesting a DMV hearing to prevent the automatic suspension of a driver’s license for a drunk driving arrest.

A California drunk driving court case begins with arraignment. The driver will be asked to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. Every experienced criminal defense lawyer will advise his or her client to plead not guilty at arraignment until the facts of the case can be examined and an appropriate legal defense strategy established.

There are many proven defense strategies available to effectively fight a drinking and driving charge, and many good reasons to fight a drunk driving charge in court. Some accused drunk drivers fear that a DUI / DWI arrest means an automatic conviction, but that’s simply not true. It’s possible to fight and win a drunk driving charge with the help of experienced legal counsel.

It’s possible to win both in court and at the DMV hearing to determine driver’s license status, but these procedures are extremely complex, and the cost of losing is high. An experienced California DUI / DWI criminal defense attorney can develop an aggressive strategy to attack both the court case and the DMV action.